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Discussing money throughout a young persons life helps to build a strong foundation for healthy financial habits in the future

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Setting goals, budgeting, saving, spending, borrowing, using credit — these are just a few types of knowledge, skills and behaviors people need to manage their resources effectively. It also takes 21st century skills such as research, analysis, and problem solving to make good financial decisions.

Each of the 22 lessons takes learners through the financial decisions that face young adults. As you complete each lesson, you will be evaluating current knowledge or gained knowledge learned through the content and activities.


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Lesson Lesson Title Lesson Topic Learning Objective(s)
1 Working Hard for the Money Career Options Identify career options and education or training required for different careers
2 Designing Dreams Financial Planning Determine personal values and financial goals
3 Can You Pay Your Bills? Spending and Budgeting Develop a plan for spending and saving
4 Boost Your Savings The Importance of Saving Describe how savings affects financial well-being
5 Bank Your Bucks Choosing a Banking Partner Analyze different financial institutions and conduct a comparative analysis of each institution
6 Bread-and-Butter Managing Your Paycheck Decode and identify elements of a paycheck
7 Capacity, Character, Collateral, Capital Credit Define creditworthiness
8 The Almighty Dollar? Credit Cards Understand credit card offers and how to manage a credit card
9 As Easy as Pi Financial Ratios Demonstrate and explain how to calculate financial ratios
10 Convertible or Clunker? Automobile Purchase Evaluate long-term costs associated with buying a car, including insurance and maintenance
11 Risky Business Risk Management and Insurance Understand the purpose and importance of various insurance types
12 Halls of Knowledge Financing College or Trade School Understand the earning potential of a degree in relationship to its cost
13 The Policy of Personal Choice Understanding the Economy Understand how the economy impacts personal financial choices
14 Increasing the Value of Your Money Financial Markets and Investing Understand how investing helps meet financial goals and build wealth over time
15 Road to Retirement Retirement Planning Understand how long-term retirement savings through investing builds wealth
16 Crash Pad Homeownership and Renting Understand the responsibilities and expenses of renting versus owning
17 Pocket Giving Charitable Giving Analyze monetary and nonmonetary forms of giving
18 Paving the Future Estate Planning Identify elements of an estate plan
19 Financial Sleuth Financial Resources Demonstrate how to find and use financial resources
20 Protect Yourself Consumer Protection Evaluate consumer rights and protection laws
21 Launching Your Dream Entrepreneurship 1: Starting a Business Identify and consider risks and rewards of entrepreneurship
22 Maintenance Mode Entrepreneurship 2: Maintaining a Business Understand and describe tax planning and reports



Theme Game Takeaways


FIS Wallet Icon

Your Income and Expenses Game This game can help you track and understand your income (money coming in) and expenses (money going out).


FIS Card Spend Icon

Making Housing Decisions Game


Your Money Values and Influences Game


Your Spending and Saving Plan Game

This game can help you explore options when making housing decisions.

This game can help you understand your values and how they influence your financial decisions.

This game can help you use information about your income and expenses to develop a spending and saving plan.


FIS Piggy Bank Icon

Building Your Financial Future Game


You Can Bank On It Game


Your Savings Game

This game can help you create plans to build assets for a solid financial future.

This game covers banking services and can help you build a positive relationship with a financial institution.

This game can help you save money for your goals, large purchases, and unexpected expenses.


FIS Bank Icon

Borrowing Basics Game


Buying a Home Game


Credit Reports and Scores Game


Managing Debt Game


Using Credit Cards Game

This game can help you understand options for borrowing money and what they cost.

This game can help you get ready to own a home, finance the purchase, and move forward with buying a home.

This game can help you understand, access, and improve your credit reports and scores.

This game can help you understand what debt is and how to manage it.

This game can help you understand how credit cards work and how to manage a credit card.


FIS Rainy Day Icon

Disasters - Financial Preparation and Recovery Game


Protecting Your Identity and Other Assets Game

This game can help you prepare financially for potential disasters and recover financially more quickly after a disaster.

This game can help you understand how to protect your identity and other assets.


Stock Market Game

The Stock Market Game™ introduces young people to saving and investing through a simulation of the stock market and bond market.

Students get to trade and manage their own virtual $100,000 investment portfolio.