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Adult Program (Coming Summer 2022)

The FIS Financial Literacy for Adults Program provides learners with practical knowledge, skills-building opportunities, and resources they can use to manage their finances with confidence. 

This program has:

  • Information that’s updated, relevant, and informed by research. For example, the curriculum features information and scenarios relevant to people with disabilities.
  • An emphasis on real-life skills and choices. Provides learners with practical knowledge and resources they can use to manage their finances.
  • Realistic scenarios. Short scenarios featuring consumers in a variety of financial situations provide opportunities to practice using financial knowledge and skills with confidence.
  • An expanded array of practical tools and resources. “Try It” activities give participants opportunities to practice what they learned in a variety of contexts. “Apply It” activities help participants apply what they have learned to their own lives.
  • Key takeaways. A key takeaway sums up the most important message from each section.



Module Module Name Estimated Time Focus Area(s)
1 Your Money Values and Influences 2 hours Internal values and goals, external influences, and their relationships to financial decisions.
2 You Can Bank On It 3 hours 25 minutes Financial products, services, and providers.
3 Your Income and Expenses 1 hour 45 minutes How to track income and expenses.
4 Your Spending and Saving Plan 1 hour 25 minutes How to develop a spending and saving plan, and how to prioritize spending when money is short.
5 Your Savings 2 hours 45 minutes Saving money for expenses, goals, and emergencies.
6 Credit Reports and Scores 3 hours 40 minutes Credit reports and scores, building productive credit histories, and repairing and improving credit.
7 Borrowing Basics 2 hours Options for borrowing money and the costs.
8 Managing Debt 3 hours 50 minutes Different kinds of debt and ways to manage it.
9 Using Credit Cards 1 hour 50 minutes How credit cards work and how to manage them.
10 Building Your Financial Future 2 hours 35 minutes Ways to build assets, including buying a car and getting training and education.
11 Protecting Your Identity and Other Assets 2 hours 10 minutes Ways to recognize, respond to, and reduce the risks of identity theft, along with strategies for protecting other assets.
12 Making Housing Decisions 2 hours 5 minutes Different types of safe and affordable housing, including specific information on renting.
13 Buying a Home 2 hours 45 minutes The home buying process, including mortgages.
14 Disasters: Financial Preparation and Recovery 1 hour 40 minutes How to financially prepare for, and recover from, disasters.