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Adult Program 

The FIS Financial Literacy for Adults Program provides learners with practical knowledge, skills-building opportunities, and resources they can use to manage their finances with confidence. 

This program has:

  • Information that’s updated, relevant, and informed by research.
  • An emphasis on real-life skills and choices. 
  • Realistic scenarios. 
  • An expanded array of practical tools and resources. 
  • Key takeaways

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Module Module Name Estimated Time Focus Area(s)
1 Your Money Values and Influences 20 Minutes Internal values and goals, external influences, and their relationships to financial decisions.
2 You Can Bank On It 40 Minutes Financial products, services, and providers.
3 Your Income and Expenses 20 Minutes How to track income and expenses.
4 Your Spending and Saving Plan 20 Minutes How to develop a spending and saving plan, and how to prioritize spending when money is short.
5 Your Savings 40 Minutes Saving money for expenses, goals, and emergencies.
6 Credit Reports and Scores 1 Hour Credit reports and scores, building productive credit histories, and repairing and improving credit.
7 Borrowing Basics 30 Minutes Options for borrowing money and the costs.
8 Managing Debt 1 Hour Different kinds of debt and ways to manage it.
9 Using Credit Cards 40 Minutes How credit cards work and how to manage them.
10 Building Your Financial Future 45 Minutes Ways to build assets, including buying a car and getting training and education.
11 Protecting Your Identity and Other Assets 45 Minutes Ways to recognize, respond to, and reduce the risks of identity theft, along with strategies for protecting other assets.
12 Making Housing Decisions 40 Minutes Different types of safe and affordable housing, including specific information on renting.
13 Buying a Home 45 Minutes The home buying process, including mortgages.
14 Disasters: Financial Preparation and Recovery 30 Minutes How to financially prepare for, and recover from, disasters.