Building the foundation of your relationship with money


Group of Teenagers Smiling and Walking Together

Young Adult Program

This financial education program is geared towards young adults, between the ages of 14 and 20 years old. This interactive, online, mobile-friendly program is now available and focuses on learning the basics of personal finance and building a positive relationship with money. 

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Adult Program

This program in development for adults in many different life stages and financial situations. That includes adults starting or changing careers, and adults going through significant life events such as expanding their families or purchasing or renting their first homes.

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64 percent of adults assert that money is a significant stressor

The Financial Literacy Program run by FIS can help alleviate this stress by providing real-life examples on how to wisely manage your money.

12 percent of adults are not able to pay their monthly bills

FIS' Financial Literacy Program provides the tools to help you manage your budget. Our programs also help you learn to keep track of your spending.